Riddle’s answer!

To follow up my post, Riddle! I will give you the answer. The man juggled the watermelons. Pretty smart huh? But man required to know how to juggle, so if he didn’t know how, he couldn’t go to his friend’s house.


There was a man who bought 2 watermelons. Then, to go to a friend’s house, he had to cross a bridge. The maximum weight that can go on the bridge was 105 pounds. The man was 100 pounds and each watermelon was 5 pounds. The man crossed the bridge successfully without breaking the bridge. How did he do it?


Here are 3 pictures that I drew on a pumpkin I decorated with a Sharpie. I made it so it looks like a guy with glasses, view freckles and an earring.


Earring view


Front view


Non-earring view


Hannah Swenson Murder Mysteries

Do you like mystery? Murder? Cookies? Pies? CAKE? Then read Hannah Swenson murder mysteries! It starts with the 1st book, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and it has a lot of recipes. it started in 2000, and the author is Joanne Fluke. The series has 15 books and going so read  ’em all!  Also, they are available in different languages, like Japanese, Russian, Hugarian and much more! Visit Joanne Fluke’s website at http://www.murdershebaked.com/index.html

How to do the faces

Yo people! To follow up the “Faces” post by Krissy, I’d like to explain how to actually make them on computer, iPad, iPhone or cellphone and some other stuff.

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Some of my favourite graphic novels

You know these comics? Not Garfield but those that are like huge stories? I have a few that I like. Here are some of them…

  • Zodiac P.I. (series) By: Natsumi Ando


  • The legend of Zelda By: various authors

  • Nancy Drew By: Stefan Patrucha

I actually like some others, health like the Hardy Boys by Scott Lobdell, patient Sugar Sugar Rune by Moyoco Anno, Chocomimi by Konami Sonoda, Nui! by Natsimi Mukai, Detective Conan by Gosho Aoyama and much more! (I really like manga and anime! :))



Bonjour toute le monde! Bienvenue à le Artog. Le mot Artog viens de moi. Si tu mélange les mots “art” et “blog” ensemble et tu enlève les lettres ‘B’ et ‘L’, tu as Artog! Mais si tu cherche Artog dans le dictionaire, tu ne peux pas le trouver donc il n’est  pas un vrai mot! 😛 Alors tu peux seulement trouver Artog ICI… Et un place pour le
voyages insurense.

Picasso head

This are 2 “picasso heads” I made. You can make your own by going to http://www.picassohead.com It’s really fun! Even if the second one says  Anonymous, it is mine!!!! 😀