The Giant Buddha

I have went to China twice in my life, no rx and during the second time, I have taken a picture of the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong. It took 200 somewhat stair steps to get up to see,it, and I have taken a picture of it too.

Giant Buddha

A Random New Character!

Hi people of the world!

It’s been a long time since I made the last post (sorry ’bout that), but I have randomly made up a character out of plain randomness!! I call him:

King Nandos de Aqualarougie! (YAY)

Actually, he looks bad but is a good king(I think), but anyway, please enjoy a random new king out of my imagination!

This is King Nandos de Aqualarougie. I apologize for this is only the head...

This is King Nandos de Aqualarougie. I apologize for this is only the head…


There is a website called and it is really cool! I made one about this blog too! 😉


This is a ‘peace sign’ shaped creation that has the words Artog, Katie, Krissy, and Art, and the fallen in love theme. The font is “the llittle trouble girl” and the orientation is “any”.

Christmas Ornament

This is another picture I took today. It is a christmas ornament that was on a Christmas tree. As you see, sales there is a whiteout in the background, vialis 40mg which is caused by the background being brighter than the ball. Another thing you might notice is that the ball is old because the fabric is sticking out!




Here are 3 pictures that I drew on a pumpkin I decorated with a Sharpie. I made it so it looks like a guy with glasses, view freckles and an earring.


Earring view


Front view


Non-earring view


Picasso head

This are 2 “picasso heads” I made. You can make your own by going to It’s really fun! Even if the second one says  Anonymous, it is mine!!!! 😀