Okay… It’s been WAY too long but whatever.

In any case, I have formed a Wattpad profile on wattpad.com. If you people out there have NO IDEA what Wattpad is, it’s just a website where you can write your own stories and read other people’s stories. Sign up is free! 😀 MY account name is purpleflyingmonkeyz (and remember that). So, follow me and I might follow you baaaaaaaccckkk!!!

It’s so fun!!!

Leaf Pictures


Boots and Cats!

This is a video on Youtube my friend reccommended to me. Just click the URL and you’ll see how fun it is! 🙂


It’s spring!

Hello. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Spring is already here (it’s been 2 days!) and I believe the weather is beautiful (almost). The flowers are popping up like frogs! But frogs hop, they don’t pop. That’ll be scary.


Apps that I like:

– Tiny Tower. http://tinytowerwiki.com/Main_Page 

– My Smurf’s Village. http://www.mysmurfsvillage.com/ 

– Snoopy’s Street Fair. http://www.snoopystreetfair.com/ 


Christmas Carols

Christmas carols are nice, but you can jazz ’em up to make it nicer! Not like “jingle bells, batman smells” etc. because that’s soooooooo old! Instead, make your own version of 12 days of Christmas. It’s easy, fun, and a good time waster. Here’s an example I made up:

Twelve days of Christmas
By Katie
Topic: school

On the ________ day of Christmas, my teacher gave to me:
1 a full week of K. P. Duty
2 pencils
3 binders
4 rulers
5 agendas
6 hall passes
7 math books
8 folders
9 science projects
10 chapter books
11 pencil cases
12 duotangs


Riddle’s answer!

To follow up my post, Riddle! I will give you the answer. The man juggled the watermelons. Pretty smart huh? But man required to know how to juggle, so if he didn’t know how, he couldn’t go to his friend’s house.


There was a man who bought 2 watermelons. Then, to go to a friend’s house, he had to cross a bridge. The maximum weight that can go on the bridge was 105 pounds. The man was 100 pounds and each watermelon was 5 pounds. The man crossed the bridge successfully without breaking the bridge. How did he do it?