Just drew on it. With a Sharpie.



How to do the faces

Yo people! To follow up the “Faces” post by Krissy, I’d like to explain how to actually make them on computer, iPad, iPhone or cellphone and some other stuff.

🙂 = : + )

😀 = : + D

🙁 = : + (

😛 = : + P

😉 = ; + )


Here are some faces I can do on the computer:

🙂 😛 🙁 😀 😉


Bonjour toute le monde! Bienvenue à le Artog. Le mot Artog viens de moi. Si tu mélange les mots “art” et “blog” ensemble et tu enlève les lettres ‘B’ et ‘L’, tu as Artog! Mais si tu cherche Artog dans le dictionaire, tu ne peux pas le trouver donc il n’est  pas un vrai mot! 😛 Alors tu peux seulement trouver Artog ICI… Et un place pour le
voyages insurense.



This used to be a site with just pictures on it, sildenafil but got changed to this open-air one. Thank Katie for the name of this blog. She came up with it and I really like the name. Anyways, welcome to the blog.


Hello people!

Hi people! Welcome to our Artog! Artog is art-blog, but you erase the “B” and the “L”. So it becomes Artog! Here you’ll find all mine and Krissy’s art in here. So, there are recomended books, ceramics, glass plates and bowls, paintings, photographs of nice pretty things and links to web sites. So loook around the website and enjoy!!

Katie 🙂